Fall Auto Tour 2011

The Friends group held its first auto tour in the Fall of 2011 instead of an annual meeting. Below are a few pictures of the day.

The Friends of the Namekagon Barrens has developed a self-guided auto tour to help visitors to the area better understand what is there. You can get a copy of the tour guide (see Auto Tour in the side bar at the left of your screen) and enjoy a family trip to the Barrens.

View of the spruce bog or swamp from the south unit looking north at Auto Stop 2.

A close-up of the bog and the rolling hills. Notice the old dead-heads in the background from previous burns.

Bruce Moss explaining the variation in the soil structure of the land and the tree and plant variety.

At Auto Stop 5 Susan Armstrong talking about the monument for the early settlement of farmers in the area.

Nancy Christel talking about the foundation of the original school at Auto Stop 8.

Charlie Schlatter at stop 11 describing his monitoring of the twenty four bluebird nesting boxes during the summer of 2011.

Another picture of the bog near the start of the auto tour. This photo of the spruce bog shows the different soil structures

and the survival of the various tree species from the previous fire burn, due to the moisture content of the soil.