The Cabin

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The original cabin on the barrens

The cabin on the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, originally a deer hunting shack on Burnett County Forest property, dates back to when counties leased sites for an annual fee. In 1990, the state gave counties ten years to get rid of leases and Burnett County told lessors to remove cabins and clean up the sites by 2000. This cabin is built of cinder block and would be somewhat difficult to tear down and remove. The owners approached the Burnett County Forester and offered to deed the cabin to the county if they could avoid the cost of dismantling it. Since the cabin is adjacent to the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area, the county forester asked the wildlife manager if DNR wanted to use it. DNR was originally interested in it as a place to store equipment. Later, the DNR took it over, but it was always owned by the county.

Here is an article on the cabin restoration taken from the September 2011 issue of The Barrens.

NBWA Cabin Restoration

Have you been up to the cabin lately- the cabin on the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area that the dog trials, Friends of the NBWA, and DNR Wildlife Management and Research use? If you haven’t you may not recognize the place. Remember how it did look- roofing blowing off, bad paint, soffit falling off, lean-to on the south side collapsing, interior ceiling coming down, red squirrels taking over the place…

Well, that has all changed in the last couple months thanks to numerous trips and hard work by Charles, and sons Joe and Frank Aspenson of Aspenson Construction, Chisago City, MN. Also assisting with a days work on the inside new paneling job were Rich Boumeister, Frank Lannasa, Don Dack, and Bob and Katherine Gove. Eric Parsons made a very generous donation of soffit and fascia. All the above are members of the Northwest Field Trial Association. Monetary donations for materials came from many dog clubs. Mark Rasmussen, Tom Carlson and Gary Dunsmoor of the Spooner, WI, DNR wildlife crew also put some time in on the project- mainly creating and hauling away truck loads of demolition. So what all was accomplished?

The cabin after the 2011 remodeling project

There are new shingles on the roof, new soffit and fascia, nice new paint job on the outside, lean-to torn down, ceiling tiles and insulation removed, north interior wall ripped out, old carpet and tile pulled up, old paneling pulled off the walls and new pine paneling put on the walls. The cabin now looks great inside and out! .... So, next time you make a trip to the barrens be sure to check out the ‘new’ cabin, which should now be a pleasure to use for friends group meetings, dog trials and sharp-tailed grouse and other barrens habitat research. And again, thanks to all the Northwest Field Association members and other dog clubs that contributed their time, talents, dollars and energy to the cabin renovation.

(The webmaster thanks Bruce Moss, Nancy Christel and Gary Dunsmoor for the information on the cabin).