Reading Material / Resources

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Reading Material / Resources

This page is where you can find written material about the Barrens (or information useful in studying about the Barrens) not easily put on regular web pages in this site. See the llinks or attached files below. If you are aware of any material we can either link to or legally attach to this page please send your ideas to us using Contact Friends of NWBA. Thanks.

See the files attached at the bottom of this page:

  • Sand Country Memories

  • The Grand Foot Trail, Brian Frinstad

  • Checklist of the Birds of Wisconsin 2012

  • Sharptail factsheet

Here are some links to research papers on or other writings about barrens:

Recommended reading:

  • Power of Sand, by Carole Fure (mostly about the CCC during the 1930's, but a great background of this area).

  • Cecillia by her grandson Lafayette Connor (trials of an amazing Ojibwe woman 1834 - 1892).

  • 1915 Plat books of both east and west Blaine township. Interesting from the standpoint of seeing the landowners during the early settlement of the barrens from 1900 - 1938.

  • Mr. Gordon's Neighborhood (from Brian Finstad). This is one of the better books that relates somewhat to the barrens, but it's more about the larger area, and the historical roads that ran through the barrens and our area.

  • Sand County Memories by Susan Cantrell Gilchrist. Basically it's recorded stories told by old timers from a much larger area. A copy is attached below for download.

  • The Romance of WIsconsin Place Names is a fun read.

  • Of course everyone must have their own copy of "A Sand County Almanac" by Aldo Leopold. Think of Aldo as the John Muir of Wisconsin.

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