2014 membership meeting agenda

Post date: May 16, 2014 8:20:49 PM

Friends of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area:

General Membership Meeting May 17, 2014

O730 gathering and 0800 off to birding with Bruce DeLong

1000: Gathering for the meeting: facebook: Friends of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area

Welcome to members of FNBWA website: www.FNBWA.org

Introduction of Board Members: president Mark Nupen, treasurer Bruce Moss, secretary / newsletter Susan Armstrong, DNR property manager Nancy Christel, Jerri McAllister, Bill Paron. Long time member John Probst is unable to attend today. We need more Board Members. Consider it!

General membership introduction and your interest in the Barrens.

Nancy Christel and property report and recent news.

Treasurer’s report: Bruce Moss

Friends Board news and plans: (Consider volunteering your time and expertise to one of these projects)

a. Website changes and updates by previous longtime board member Bruce Pankratz

b. Facebook launch with generous leadership by Ann Martineau Merritt, also a professional photographer.

c. Classes about the Barrens:

July 12 photography / butterfly class by Dale Bohlke, photographer and Dean Hansen butterfly expert extraordinaire.

Mushroom / Foraging classes TBA. Susan Armstrong has already been working with the Webster Schools on a foraging class.

Birding class today by Bruce DeLong who also manages the blue bird boxes on the property.

d. Joint Committee of Other Barrens groups: Crex, Douglas County Bird Sanctuary and Moquah. Bruce Moss to present. This is our biggest effort we think will help promote the Northwestern Wisconsin Barrens sites.

e. Photo Album: Mark Nupen created the mini photo album you see on the raffle list with the editing skills of Dale Bohlke. We want to create a larger album that will also include the other Northwestern Wisconsin Barrens sites.

f. Book publish project: A book about the Northwestern Wisconsin Barrens has never been published but we would like to consider this with the inclusion of the other afore mentioned Barrens groups.

g. Create:

1. Trifold paper about the Namekagon Barrens site that can be placed at various advertising sites.

2. Audio-visual guide to be used for presentations about the Namekagon Barrens. Parr of a speakers guide.

h. Arts on the Barrens:

1. Photography: the facebook is an invitation to submit your pictures about your trips to the Namekagon Barrens.

2. Poetry: Mark Nupen has already submitted his amateur poet effort about his experience with the Barrens. We want to hear your poetry of your experiences on the Namekagon Barrens. This is a special place. Send directly to us to post on our website or facebook.

3. Painting: Jim Springett, prominent local painter from Webster, has submitted one of his recent paintings and promised a total of 4 paintings this summer about his experience on the Namekagon Barrens. Thank you Jim for your generous time and art about a beautiful place.

Raffle: $10/ ticket or $20 / 3 tickets

Gromme Print donation (Bruce Moss to describe), Painting by Jim Springett, small photo album from Mark Nupen, other prizes.

Site tour: Nancy Christel

note: this was taken from an e-mail written by Mark Nupen at 3:19PM on Friday May 16th