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The Barrens

The Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area (NBWA) is a 6,438 acre property located in the far northern portions of Burnett and Washburn Counties in northwestern Wisconsin, consisting of two units located a few miles apart. more...

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The Barrens

FNBWA Accomplishments:

  • Donate to the Conservation Fund land addition

  • Support/promote NBWA and other barrens habitat expansion

  • Support DNR ownership of the NBWA

  • Support NBWA and other barrens management

  • Support NW Sands properties master planning

  • Support sharp-tailed grouse (STG) management plan

  • Promote barrens corridors between NBWA, Crex, and DCWA

  • Help fund new STG viewing blinds and coordinate viewing blind reservations

  • Donate to STG research funding

  • Donate to invasive species control

  • Erect kiosks on NBWA north and south units

  • Establish NBWA auto tour for public

  • Develop photo book of NBWA

  • Develop FNBWA public display board

  • Sponsor NBWA educational events, picnic, and presentations for neighbors of the barrens

  • Partner in NW WI Barrens brochure production

  • Assist with barrens cabin restoration and maintenance

  • Maintain and monitor bluebird trail

  • Sponsor barrens field trips, including birding, butterflies, flora, hiking, wolf howling, photography, wild edibles, mushrooms

  • Assist monitoring plant and wildlife populations

Its Friends

Numerous National Parks, State Parks, and other areas have a Friends group to promote the knowledge, appreciation, and perpetuation of resources. Friends of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area (FNBWA) share these objectives for Lake States barrens in general, and the Namekagon Barrens in particular. FNBWA will provide information via newsletter, website, newspaper articles, tours, and other public events. Many resources from nearby areas, including other Friends groups, are applicable to Namekagon Barrens with only minor modification.

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