Lymes Land Purchase

1,478 acres of the Lyme Forest Property has been offered for inclusion as managed barrens within the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area. You may recall that a million dollars has already been granted through the Conservation Fund using State Stewardship dollars and a Walmart Incorporated grant. An additional $64,000 needs to be raised by the end of this year.

Several non-profits are being queried to help with funding. The Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse Society pledged $5,000 toward this effort and we learned that their relatively small membership has stepped forward to donate the necessary funds. FNBWA member and regular contributor, Dave Evenson, spoke at the annual meeting about the global scarcity of barrens habitat and the rarity of getting an opportunity to restore nearly two-and-a-half square miles of historic barrens to its earlier state. He added that his would make Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area large enough to likely save several of its rarer species from eventual extinction. Mr. Evenson concluded by stating that this opportunity was too important for FNBWA to sit on the side-lines and let it pass by. He then offered to match all donations made by FNBWA members, up to $1,000. Already, four members have come forward with checks totaling $300.

We need an additional $700 in order to raise $2,000 toward this worthy cause. We suspect that our love of the barrens in general will result in more than this amount being donated. Hopefully we will be able to match the contribution already made by the Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse Society. To donate to this worthy cause, you can visit our website and contribute through Paypal, or make out a check to FNBWA and forward to our treasurer, Bruce Moss, W7299 Cty Hwy E, Spooner, WI, 54801. All donations are tax deductible.