Sign Up for the 2018 Sharp-tailed Grouse Mating Dance Viewing Blinds

There is nothing like the sharp-tailed grouse mating season!

You can witness it yourself in one of our viewing blinds.

Preview here!

Photos courtesy of Michael J. Huebschen

Sign up for 2018 will open January 15, 2018. We will make every attempt to inform those of you who have requested notification.

FNBWA requests a minimum donation of $10 per sharp-tailed grouse blind reservation. Donations provide much needed funding for DNR Wildlife Management and FNBWA for blind purchase and maintenance, pine/oak barrens habitat expansion and management, sharp-tailed grouse surveys and research, invasive species control, wildlife and plant monitoring surveys, producing barrens education materials and displays, maintaining and expanding auto tours and sponsoring eco-field trips and FNBWA neighbor picnics and events.

Blind users are asked to limit their reservations to two days to help ensure as many people as possible have the opportunity to experience the sharp-tail’s special dance and ensure blinds are used as often as possible. It is important that dancing ground surveys are filled out by users. If you will not use your reservation please cancel as soon as possible to give others the opportunity to reserve the blind. If you have questions or need more than two days, please call wildlife biologist Nancy Christel at 715-635-4091.

Become a member or make your donation now with a credit card or Paypal .

There is also a paper membership form you may print and use to donate if you prefer. Make your check payable to FNBWA and send to treasurer:

Gary Dunsmoor

N4961 Beaverbrook Ave

Spooner, WI 54801

Weather dependent, peak dancing activity is typically mid-April to mid-May. Tell your friends, family and neighbors how fun it is to watch sharp-tailed grouse. No one should miss this opportunity!

Please consider joining Wisconsin Sharp-tailed Grouse Society (WSGS) SWGS regularly contributes money to manage the NBWA. Together we partnered with The Conservation Fund and other non-profit organizations to purchase and donate 1,400 acres to the Department of Natural Resources to increase the size of the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area to over 6,400 acres. FNBWA and WSGS purchased new roomy viewing blinds for your enjoyment.

Thank you. We hope you have a great experience viewing the sharp-tailed grouse and everything else the Namekagon Barrens has to offer on an early morning in the spring.

One blind is also available at the Douglas County Bird Sanctuary.

How to sign up for a Viewing Blind:

  • You must review the information linked below before you register for a blind.

  • Go to Reserve a Blind. You must create a login ID each year you reserve.

    • There are three blinds available. Be sure to select the appropriate blind when you reserve.

    • If you'd like the DNR to assist you by making the appointment for you, please call Nancy Christel at (715) 635-4091.

    • If you cannot keep a reservation, please cancel at least one week in advance so someone else can use the blind.

This year you can share your experiences in the blinds with people who may want to use the blinds in the future. Other people may use your comments to decide to join the fun in the future. If your cellphone works on the barrens you may even be able to do so when in the blinds.

If you would like to share any photos you can put them on the FNBWA Facebook page or use Flickr.

Thanks for sharing :)