Barrens Art

This is the beginning of a collection of art (poetry, paintings and photography so far -- anyone want to write a novel about life in the Barrens?). This will become a series of pages and is evolving so will change over time.

To start this effort here is a poem:

Just Under Foot


Mark Nupen

Barrens, this place?

What is this, Place?

It’s big!

This place is different.

Hush, turn off your noise in this

place, so the quiet sounds are loud

at this place.

The night sky is big in this place.

Perhaps a wolf howl is heard in

this dark place. The sharp-tail

dance at dawn in this place. Such

noise and energy then make at this


Mmmmm. The fragrance of the

sweet fern is here. Look, a hawk,

soaring along the slopes. Look

down and there is more in this


Born of fire here and it renews

this place. There is human history

here, both bountiful and tragic in

this place. Some history remains,

but the rest only in stories.

Such color changes between winter

to winter are here. Start with

the spring lavender pasque flower

and finish with the pink northern

blazing star in fall. Don’t miss the

wood lily in July! And did I mention

the butterflies in this place?