Welcome to the barrens.

You have reached the website
 of the Friends of the Namekagon 
Barrens Wildlife Area at the NorthLobe sign/South Lobe sign /others ?????.
 We are attempting to create
 a way for people with
 mobile devices to reach our 
 web site while at the barrens. 
If you have reached this site
while at the barrens please help
 us by using  CONTACT US.  
Tell us  what type of device you have,
 where you are at and if possible 
how well the site work for you. 
Thanks for the help.   

You can find text of the
 auto tour on this web site 
(see:  Auto Tour) if there
 are no paper copies.  You might
want to consider returning your
paper copy if you use one 
so other people without phones
can benefit from it. 

If there are no paper 
copies of the auto tour please
let us know using CONTACT US
 in lower left of the sidebar. Thanks.