Board Tour (2009)

Join us for a picture tour of the barrens.  These pictures are used courtesy of the late FNBWA member Robert Bowen.  

South Unit "pothole bog" 

Board members field inspection (John W, Bruce M, Susan A and Bob B)

Board members at South Unit parking lot overview

View of North Unit from East County Line Road

Fire-resistant oak sentinel

Clemens Creek Pond on Dry Landing Road

Main entry sign at St. Croix Trail and Dry Landing Road

Parched plants on sandy soil

Historic settlement school site near entry sign 

Old school foundation with Bluebird house

Badger/Fox burrow on 5 Mile Road

Two of several remaining tombstones at Evergreen Cemetery

Corner post at abandoned Evergreen Cemetery

County Forest pine plantation between North and South Units

  Relic - pine with scrub oak brush after fire burn