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Builder's note:  This is the master list of all of the links potentially referenced in other pages (note: starting point - copied from old site).  The basic idea is a place to put supplemental information. It is an open question if this page will be needed. 

Why is Namekagon in the Name?
Why Barrens
what is a wildlife area
who owns the land
Geology of the Northwest Sands Ecological Landscape
wildlife in the barrens ??  also plants etc
European Settlement in the Namekagon Barrens Wildlife Area
Human Use of the Barrens Today
Wisconsin DNR Management of the Barrens Today
The Future of the Barrens
What is a Friends Group
Use Paypal to join or renew your membership - see Renew Membership 
A membership form - see Membership Form  (the form is attached at the bottom of the page)
More information on the spring Sharp-tailed Grouse Viewing -  see DNR pamphlets and forms  (attached at bottom of page)