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Dean Hanson's Spring 2014 Butterfly Trek - June 7th

posted Jun 1, 2014, 12:02 PM by Bruce Pankratz   [ updated Jun 1, 2014, 12:03 PM ]
The text below is from a flier announcing Dean Hanson's 2014 butterfly trek. The flier is available to download at the bottom of the page. 

TREKS, 2014
Yes, spring is coming--although we’re certainly having a repeat of
last year’s very slow arrival. Plant phenology is now close to two weeks
behind schedule, and butterfly numbers are still very low.
This year add observing and enjoying the spring butterflies to your
weekend endeavors. Join local butterfly enthusiast Dean Hansen for a
day-long guided tour of many of his favorite sites in northwest Wisconsin’s
pine barrens looking for elfins, blues, dusky-wing skippers, the elusive
Chryxus Arctic, and other species of butterflies, many of which are in flight
for just a few weeks in the spring.
We’ll start at 9 AM at the Crex Meadows Visitors’ Center just north of
Grantsburg, WI, and hit a couple sites in this large wildlife area. We’ll then
proceed to another large wildlife area just southwest of Danbury. After this
stop, there will be places to check east of Danbury along Highway 77 and,
just to the north, Springbrook Trail. These sites have good stands of
lupine, bearberry, blueberry, a small cress, blooming juneberry and cherry
shrubs, and other plants that are either host plants for butterfly larvae or
nectar sources for the adult spring butterflies. We’ll end up in the
Namekagon Barrens at the far northeast corner of Burnett County,
checking for hoary elfins on bearberry.
All these spots are quite close to where we’ll park our cars, so don’t
let a new artificial knee or hip replacement keep you from coming along.
Proposed date is Saturday, June 7. You must contact Dean if
you’re interested in coming. I will limit numbers, and I must be able to
contact you about canceling in case of horrible weather. There’s no cost
for the June 7 trek, but I won’t be responsible for any tick bites, sprained
ankles, sunburn, etc. you may incur if you come. If this date is rained out,
we may possibly reschedule for a later date. Or scrub until next year.
Interested? Contact Dean at <>. If you’ve
never been to this interesting part of Wisconsin, the plant communities and
large holdings of county land themselves are worth the trip to check out.
See <> for 2010’s results
Bruce Pankratz,
Jun 1, 2014, 12:02 PM